About Brian

I’m Brian Shelden.

I grew up in Essex with parents who were both IBMers. After graduating from EHS, I went off to Cornell and Ohio State to run Division I track and to get a Computer Science degree.

In these times which call upon on each of us to do our part, I’ve decided to run for Vermont State Senate — not solely out of duty to my community — but because this is a vital opportunity to start a discussion about what we want for Vermont in the next few years. That is a discussion we need to have together openly, in collaboration and in good faith, free of divisiveness and ill will. I believe joining the state senate is where I can offer my own small contribution to this larger community effort.

As the COVID-19 pandemic transitions to managing an endemic, many questions remain for how we will respond as a state. I am an engineer. I believe that our decision-making process ought to be governed by the best available science, data and the guidance of knowledgeable public health professionals because the safety and health of our community members is job number one.

If you choose to elect me, I will draw upon my 20 years of expertise and professional experience to work hard to face each of the challenges we face as a state. Through my professionalism and non-ideological approach to problem-solving, I will be a calm, steady, experienced hand that can help guide us through dangerous waters.

I look forward to connecting with you in person very soon to discuss what we can accomplish for Vermont when we work together.

Let’s get to work!

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What We Can Do Together

Primary Election Day is August 9, 2022

Your Vote is Your Voice.


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Let’s leverage the decades of high-tech experience in this state, diversify our economic offerings and make Vermont the best place to live, learn and work!



(802) 879-7665

Shelden for Vermont

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