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I am a Native Vermonter. I grew up in the village, where my parents were both IBMers. I graduated from Hiawatha, ADL, and Essex Junction High School. At EHS, I was a member of Vermont and New England Championship teams in Track, Cross-Country, and Ice Hockey. I was also the individual Vermont State Cross-Country Champion in 1988.

Like too many Vermonters, I then left to follow my dreams. I ran track for Cornell, and then earned a Computer Science degree from The Ohio State University.

Post-college, I spent 20 years writing software -- clearly backend from the look and feel of this website :-) -- consulting, and managing other software engineers in New York, Austin, Washington DC and Chicago.

Recently, I was offered a job in DC where I could work remotely. The press around the Vermont Remote Worker Incentive (even though I don't qualify) put the idea that in my head I could come back home to Essex.

Since I've been back, I've been getting involved the community: I'm a member of the Town of Essex Economic Development Commission. I'm the Chair of the Essex Democrats.

Let's leverage the decades of high-tech experience in this town, diversify our economic offerings, keep the Essex / Westford schools top-notch, and make Essex and Vermont the best place to live, and work!

Paid for by Shelden for Vermont, PO Box 8225, Essex 05451