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Grace, grit, generosity & a deep commitment to doing the right thing. Thank you, Rep. Redmond, for all you’ve done for Essex, and for Vermont!

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Joining together, we can build a democracy that works for all of us.

Economic Opportunity

People who work for a living should earn a good living. Period.


We must come together to protect our air, water, and land for future generations.

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Hi, I’m Brian.

I grew up in Essex, I’m the treasurer of the Essex Rotary Club, and I chair both the Town of Essex Economic Development Commission and the Essex Democrats. I’m seeking appointment for state representative and can’t wait to represent the hardworking people of Essex.

My vision for a vibrant Vermont

My Approach

I thrive in finding solutions to complex problems. As an engineer, I’m more interested in getting things done than just talking about them. I’ll be in the room for Essex and for all of Vermont. My priority will be bringing Essex’s needs and vision to Montpelier.

Let’s get to work!

What We Can Do Together

Primary Election Day is August 9, 2022

Your Vote is Your Voice.

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Brian's Car in Garage
PECW: Ron Bushey’s Auto
PECW: I wanted to give a shout out to Ron Bushey’s Auto. Solved my issue, was here in 0h20, and it was only $40.
Release: Brian Shelden Seeks State Rep. Appointment
Like all of us, I am saddened by the news that Marybeth Redmond has to step down as our Vermont State Representative. I admire her tenacity, her strong sense of integrity, and her grace under fire.
Speech: Brian Shelden Seeks State Representative Appointment to Outgoing Rep. Marybeth Redmond’s Seat
Why do I want to represent Essex in Montpelier? First and foremost, I am committed to extending Marybeth’s legacy of compassionate, empathetic leadership.
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Let’s leverage the decades of high-tech experience in this town, diversify our economic offerings and make Vermont the best place to live, learn and work!



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