Positive Comment of the Week

PFCW – Fairfax Egg Run
PFCW (Positive Fairfax Comment of the Week): It was great to revisit one of my favorite races from the 1980s: the Fairfax Egg Run! I used to wear my T-shirt from this race all the time in college: it was yellow, had a big green egg running & sweating thru its headband. It was the […]
PMCW – Dan’s Northern BBQ
PMCW (Positive Milton Comment of the Week): Galandrielle & I enjoyed some cribbage and some BBQ at Dan's Northern BBQ! When we went, it was still a continuation of their soft opening. So they're mostly set up for take-out. But they let us play a game or two of cribbage. The pulled chicken was just […]
PWCW – Westford Country Store Buckeye Bars
PWCW (Positive Westford Comment of the Week): This Buckeye (Ohio State '97) doesn't just stop in at the Westford Country Store for the Buckeye Bars! Big fan of the WCS. I spend so much time these days driving to and/or thru Westford that I often to stop in. Whether to get coffee to start my […]
PECW – Congratulations Mr & Mrs Stone
PECW: One of the joys of being an elected Justice of the Peace is to witness many folks' happy day. Congratulations Adam & Lissette Stone!
PMCW – Zachary’s, Nostalgia, and Circles
PMCW (Positive Milton Comment of the Week): The Milton Zachary's, and their red circles on the wall, will always hit the nostalgia button for me.
PECW – Misty Meadows Westford Hike
PWCW (Positive Westford Comment of the Week): Many hikes for the price of one at Misty Meadows! Galandrielle and I were looking for some new places to hike, and we found the Misty Meadows Trails at the Westford School. It was a beautiful day. We found a nice mix of grass trails, paths thru the […]
PECW – Indian Brook Live Music
PECW (Positive Essex Comment of the Week): My first open water swim of 2021 at Indian Brook today. What a beautiful day! I probably didn't even need my wetsuit. The dogs were out; the stand-up paddles were out. I didn't see any fishermen/women until I was out of the water. What I didn't expect, was […]
PECW: Erica’s American Diner
PECW (Positive Fairfax Comment of the Week): You can't beat the burgers -- or the purple! -- at Erica's.
PECW – Milton In Color; And A 5k
PECW (Positive Milton Comment of the Week): What a fun community event today in Bombardier Park West! I didn't know when signed up for today's 5k, what the 'color run' part meant. Turns out, you could buy colored corn starch and and throw it at your family members. After everyone finished, we threw the last […]

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