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Happy Vermont Workers Lower Taxes For All

  • Vermont taxes are high. The best way to lower taxes is to have more people paying them.
  • Paid Family Leave will encourage young families to move to Vermont & stay. Let's get on the same page as the Senate and put something on the governor's desk.
  • Raise the minimum wage to $15/hour. Let's get on the same page as the Senate and put something on the governor's desk.
  • Choice

  • I strongly support Prop-5, the consitutional amendment to encode Roe v Wade into Vermont's Constitution
  • Infrastructure

  • This winter did a number on our roads and sidewalks. Fix the failed roads. Maintain the dodgy roads so they don't fail. Maintainance is cheaper than rebuilding.
  • Continue supporting rural broadband in the budget
  • Update the zoning near Saxon Hill to allow for restuarants. Doing so will encourage business to locate in Essex, and leverage the new parkland for Essex businesses.
  • Importing Remote Workers

  • Extend the Vermont Remote Worker Incentive to freelancers (like myself)
  • Add Student Loans as one of them things the program will reimburse. How do you move to Vermont and buy a house if you have $100k in student debt?!?
  • Remote Workers require fast broadband. Continue supporting the rollout of Rural Broadband
  • Accept new graduates of Vermont State Colleges who stay in Vermont, instead of accepting jobs out of state, in the Remote Worker program
  • Environmental Protection

  • It saddens me that this even needs to be said: Global Warming Exists. Let's continue to do our part in Vermont.
  • Find a reliable source for funding clean water. Rooms & Meals is not recession-proof.
  • I preferred the cloud tax for this. We can fund clean water, close a sales tax loophole, and support Vermont software development if we exempt SaaS (software as a service) code running on Vermont Data Centers
  • Modernize Vermont's bottle law. Extend deposit to all drinks. Double the deposit to $0.10.
  • ...except bottled water. Deposit on bottled water should be raised to $0.25 to encourage reusable containers
  • I would have preferred a tax (like Chicago and DC have) on single-use plastics than a ban. Two birds with one stone. But I support the ban passed in 2019
  • Protect Democracy

  • Don't Gerrymander Essex: create an independent redistricting commission to draw future Essex Wards
  • Break up Chittenden County's 6-member Senate District
  • Require Federal Candidates to disclose their tax returns -- just like state-wide candidates must currently -- in order to be on a Vermont ballot.
  • Vermont's Legislature should start the constitutional amendment that overturns Citizens United.