How To Write In Brian Shelden #WriteInBrianShelden

My name is Brian Shelden. Many people I respect asked me to stage a write-in campaign for Essex Selectboard.

Vermont mail-out ballots can be confusing. And a write-in makes it harder. So I thought I’d walk you through the steps to write me in for the 1-year Selectboard seat in Essex.

First: Open the envelope, and you will see three things

  1. The ballot
  2. The return mail envelope
  3. And the “certificate” envelope

Second: Fill out and sign the certificate envelope

  • They might have pre-printed stickers with your name and address on them. If they don’t please add your name and address.
  • If you don’t sign it, your vote will not count*. So make sure you sign it!

Third: Fill out the ballot!

  • Find the 1-year seat. It should have my opponent’s name and “vote for any ONE.”
  • Handwrite my name, and fill in the bubble.
  • Please make sure you spell my name correctly s-h-e-l-d-E-n.


  • Put the ballot in the certificate envelope and then put the certificate ballot in the return envelope.

How to return your ballot:

If it’s before February 22, then drop it in the mail! No postage required. Or better, deliver to 81 Main Street any time before the polls open.

The polls open at 7am on March 1st. If you live in the village, your polling places is Essex High School.

If you live in the Town Outside the Village, your polling place is Essex Middle School.

If you’re not sure, better to return your ballot early. 81 Main Street is for both.

81 Main Street Ballot Dropbox

Voting and Registration General Information:

If you didn’t get your ballot or you made a mistake, you can call the Essex Town clerk at (802) 879-0413 x6, and Susan will arrange to get you another one.

If you’re not registered to vote, or you’re new to Essex? Welcome! Go to You can register, check, or update your voter registration right now. Vermont has same day voter registration, even on election day.

Go vote now! You never know what could happen in a Vermont spring. Get it out of the way.

Thank you for reading. And please #WriteInBrianShelden for the 1-year Selectboard seat.


Let’s leverage the decades of high-tech experience in this state, diversify our economic offerings and make Vermont the best place to live, learn and work!



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