Positive Essex Comment of the Week

Brian's Car in Garage
PECW: Ron Bushey’s Auto
PECW: I wanted to give a shout out to Ron Bushey’s Auto. Solved my issue, was here in 0h20, and it was only $40.
PECW: White’s Tree Farm Sold Out!
PECW: good news / bad news? Whites Tree Farm had a great year! They’re sold out of trees!
PECW: TJ Valley
PECW (Positive Essex Comment of the Week): Did you ever think “I’ll be I could save a little money if I did part of this project myself?”
PECW: A Very Essex Wedding
PECW (Positive Essex Comment of the Week): Kat Zerebiec and Matt Fredrickson reached out to me to perform their wedding. We decided to do it outdoors, and chose Indian Brook. Just this morning they asked: since their first date was ice skating, can we do the ceremony on the ice?
PECW: Saxon Hill & VAST Snowshoe!
PECW (Positive Essex Comment of the Week): what a beautiful day for a snowshoe! I loved all the fresh powder we found in Saxon Hill park. And I’m super grateful for the property owners who allow access to their land for the VAST trail system that intersects it.

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