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How to Request a Mailed Primary Ballot

Reminder: for the August 9th primary, you WILL NOT be mailed a ballot, unless you request one.

It's easy enough to do, however. Here's how to make that request online.

Go to mvp.vermont.gov and enter your name, date of birth, voting town, and either your driver's license number or the last four digits of your SSN. Then hit "Sign In":

mvp.vermont.gov login page

On your right, you'll see "Click here for an absentee ballot." Follow the link:

mvp.vermont.gov follow the link

The easiest way is to just pick the primary. Everyone will be mailed a ballot for the general election in November:

mvp.vermont.gov select the primary

If you're in the military and/or overseas, you have some more options (email, fax). This example assumes you're a civilian who just wants a ballot mailed to you:


Click "Submit to clerk" in the bottom right:

You should now get your ballot around June 25th or so. Or within about a week if you're following these instructions after that date. Ballots are mailed by your Town Clerk, so the timing will be different for each town.

If you'd prefer, you can also do this in person at your Town Clerk. In this district -- Senate District Chittenden North -- our town clerks are located at:

MILTON: 43 Bombardier Rd

FAIRFAX: 12 Buck Hollow Rd

ESSEX: 81 Main St

WESTFORD: 1713 VT-128


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