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PECW: Ron Bushey’s Auto

PECW (Positive Essex Comment of the Week): I wanted to give a shout out to Bushey Ron Auto. Solved my issue, was here in 0h20, and it was only $40.

TL/DR: I have a one car garage. The deal Galandrielle and I have is: if she has to drive to work in the morning, she gets the garage. However, I'm not used to having a roommate (yet), so, sometimes I park there when it's her turn. Muscle memory.

When I parked in the garage, despite it being her turn, she didn't actually mind. However, I feel like a deal is a deal, so I switched the cars.

What does this have to do with Bushey's? Well, G's headlights don't turn off automatically like mine do. So I left them on all night. 🙁

I'm a Vermonter. Every car I have ever owned has jumper cables! But do they even make jumper cables long enough to fit down the length of my garage? Bushey's was here in 0h20 with a remote battery / starter, not a cable. Thank you! And nice work.


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