PECW: Easter Bunny Delivers Milton Artist

PECW: Positive Essex (and Milton!) Comment of the week: Shout out to Milton artist Kimberlee Forney, ArtHound Gallery, and my sweet partner Galandrielle.

I believe family is whoever you choose. I was already looking forward to being part of Galandrielle's family Easter brunch today. (The flag my BIL brought broke, hence the Vermont one.)

It was an unexpected surprise for the “Easter Bunny” to bring this painting in my Easter Basket. You see, Galandrielle is very allergic to cats. So I know that we can't get a cat. G is very patient when I tell stories about my late black cat #stepJack. I do miss that little bugger.

G found another way to be a black cat to my purple cat! Thank you, Kimberlee, for capturing us perfectly. Thank you ArtHound for having it on hand at the Essex Experience. And here's to Galandrielle for all the sunsets will will watch together.


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