PECW: Thanks Neighbor with Plow!

PECW (Positive Essex Comment of the Week): My plowing guy hadn't got to my house yet, so I shoveled a 1ft snow x 80" wide x 16 ft long. Just enough to get my car off the road. I'm still sore.

Then, I drove my parked car down to Allen Martin Drive, to make the U-Turn. I had enough momentum to make a U-Turn, but not when someone was coming the other way on Rt 15. So I got stuck.

Guy in a black truck with a plow pulls up next to me: "Are you lost, or stuck?" He graciously plows a bit of Allen Martin and a bit of Rt 15 so I can get out. Thanks!

While we're waiting for traffic so he can plow Rt 15, I ask: "hey, I don't want to keep you from your paying customers, but, my driveway is 2 up from here on the right. Can I pay you to plow out my driveway?"

He says sure. While he's plowing I get my checkbook, and I wait in the car to get it off the road when he's done.

He finishes up, pulls out onto Rt 15, honks twice, and then leaves!

My friend: if you did that as a good samaritan thing, thank you!

This is a historical PECW from Feb 8, 2020: I'm trying to import a few historical PECWs onto this page. This one is my all-time favorite! The picture is from 2022.


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